Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hi Web Users,

Re: nzMetMate Web Application 

Please read the email communication to me below from the MetService, please do not use this web app as this was for my own personal use

I've removed the app page, even though my google stats show my wife was the only one using it!, but even so the met service have got their knickers in a twist over it all, so it's gone. :p

Many thanks


One of my colleagues has previously emailed you regarding your nzMetMate Web Application breaching MetService’s website Ts & Cs. We appreciated your request to followers of your blog at that time to not continue using this web app. However, the web pages which power the app are still available, along with your posts on how to ‘install’ it, and it was very easy for me to find and install the app from your blog without seeing your subsequent post regarding the above request (I also found it here:

Although you have suggested you’ve set up this app for your own personal use (although it does feature advertising), your use of our data via this web app is not permitted and breaches our website Ts & Cs.

Aside from the breach of our website Ts & Cs and unauthorised use of our METSERVICE logo trade mark, our key concern is that you are intermediating this data. This creates risks of data supply and accuracy that are outside MetService’s control – and therefore creates a risk for anyone who is using this web app and relies on the weather forecasts and other information. These are safety, as well as reputational, risks that MetService cannot allow to continue – particularly as we are about to launch our own iPhone and Android apps, so the promotional activity is bound to get others searching and finding your web app as I did.

Given our concerns, can you please take down the web pages which enable nzMetMate to function immediately, as well as any removing any download instruction pages existing on app stores like the one above. Given the importance of this request, we ask that you do so and confirm to us within 48 hours, that is by 26 May 2012.

We do appreciate that you trust MetService to keep you informed about the weather, so I am more than happy to supply you with a free code to download the new MetService iPhone app when it goes live on the Apple Store.

If you have any queries about my request, please contact me direct – my details are below.


Jacqui Bridges
General Manager Communications
Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited (MetService)

30 Salamanca Road, Kelburn, Wellington 6012
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