Saturday, February 13, 2010


Re: nzMetMate Web Application

Please read the email communication to me below from the MetService, please do not use this web app as I use it for my own personal use. The link on Apple's site will be removed once Apple have processed my request.

Many thanks

=============================== email below ==========================

From: Craig Delany
Date: Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 9:19 AM
Subject: MetService - Breach of terms and conditions
To: touchee@coomsie.comYou do not have permission to display MetService data on an iphone or any other delivery channel.
This is a breach of MetService Terms and Conditions.
Please remove immediately.
We are in the process of designing an Iphone app so give me a call to discuss.
Craig Delany
Senior Market Manager - Consumer
Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 

d +64 4 4700 826 t +64 4 4700 700 m +274 700 826

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  1. WTF?Bus service,as it is offered to public, is a public transport service, and thus,such data should be publicly available and exposed in a whatever way to anyone (non depending on technology).Questioned might be a commercial use of providing those data.
    And if MetService is not able to provide those information with technology which doesn't work on everyplatform, I'm glad there are others fans who can make it.
    Thanks for the hard and excellent work.